The Punish Cycle

It's ok to have a bad day, there's no point seeking perfection even when it comes to consistency of your diet. I most definitely learnt that yesterday. 

I have a 2 year old daughter she's awesome but is one of the most clumsy people to walk this earth, she decides yesterday to jump on the bed and head butt  the frame...POW bust lips and up to accident and emergency we go! Huge panic and stress...

I'm a firm believer of control what you can control, and work with what you can't. Yesterday I lost all control, stress took over despite the offspring actually being fine,  just the events had mentally drained me. 

This is the part where a lot would see it as a fail come in and the punish cycle can begin! I came home and ate a bag of donuts, FIVE BLOODY DONUTS for no reason other than I could and felt sod it, I'm stressed and the donuts can't run away. What's important here is I know what it means, my calories were considerably higher than usual.

This is what I see, too often is a day like this will happen but then several outcomes can cause continued issues.

Punishing yourself as you feel a failure, this leads to either eating a lot less over the coming days to try and “make up for it” or doing a crazy amount of random exercise.
Spiralling out of control and letting the one bad day become a week...or even quitting completely, and the desire for progress burns out. How often do you tell yourself "I will start monday" what's wrong with now?
The binge cycle can begin from this, where things are too strict and it became a habit to binge every few days or so….some folk call it a cheat day or meal but these should be well structured refeeds IF required.

But here's what I did after the donut bag-for-one party. I went to bed slept well got up and started over, tracked what I've eaten and feel fine, no guilt, no drama, it was just a bump in the road. This is what should be done if you have a bad day. Anything can tip you over,  kids, work, family, the list could roll on but it's not letting a small blip ruin everything. My diet does consist of the odd donut but normally the restraint is there to eat one, not five! 

Don't beat yourself up, you are human. Bad days happen to everyone and if anyone tells you otherwise kick them in the crotch and run, as they're lying!

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