The Parent Trap

Being a parent is literally the most amazing thing. Being a parent working a full time (and then some) job and trying to get in decent shape now, that presents a challenge.

Our lives are taken over by what we prioritise; Don’t get me wrong, I'm by no means saying ignore your kids and slack off at work so you can focus on your goals, but isn't it about time we started focusing on our health now to improve our lives in the future?

Too often its a sad fact I hear “I haven’t got time” This is what I hear most from those who seem so desperate to change their lives and bodies, but the time isn't there. I’be said it myself and still fall into the trap every so often too! But I dont take the “I don’t have time” as truth. We are all blessed with the same time each day, it’s what we prioritise that we get wrong. Time spent scrolling social media, watching television even just general procrastinating, we all do a bit of that!

If the result is desired enough, the small changes are more than worthwhile. Do a brief home workout for 20 minutes whilst you watch tv of an evening, take the kids out with you and run about with a ball, go for a walk on your break from work, the fact is there is ALWAYS time but sometimes the want to use it for the right reason is missing.

Give it a go for a couple of weeks and see if you not only look better but feel better.

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