Calories don’t count on the weekend..

How many reasons have you heard or even said when it comes to why fat isn't being lost?

Red meat 
Refined grains 

All total crap. It comes down to a lack of a consistent sustainable calorie deficit. Yes variables come into play, but the cold harsh reality is calories.

If you aren't tracking you have no idea what you are consuming calorie wise, so you're reliant on “clean eating” to drop fat. Sadly these foods still contain those little gremlins Calories.
Your diet is part time, so you're on the ball all week and then the week POOF the deficit is gone.

For you to actually drop fat you need to have less calories going in than out. No single food or such will make you fat, but if your calories requirement is lets say 1600, and you eat 1600 calories exactly, but then eat 300 extra calories in chocolate, it's not that 1 item that's the issue, its overall. If you ate 1200 before said chocolate you're still in the magical deficit….

Before you blame everything under the sun for lack of fat loss track your intake ACCURATELY it's worth it; I say this often but if you are just guessing food volumes it adds up crazy fast and you have no starting point. 

Be aware and be accountable.

If you don't know where to start, drop me a message and I'll help!

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