Seeking Perfection

Dont chase perfection, you’ll never get it. Instead focus on positive behaviours and making steps that suit your current life.

If you have a perfect little bubble of a world bloody well done, I don't;  personally I work long hours, have a young child, lack of solid sleep; Stress can come from all angles but I understand I need to make the best of it.

Instead of focusing on what perfection is, or moreso using my life as a reason to stop me progressing, I set my self very small, achievable things to keep me on track. Things like time moving,  be it at the gym or going for a walk. I'll track my food; Food prep isnt always possible for me and I'm ok with that,  so I prepare to eat on the go and still make sure it fits my day, and make more sensible choices.

On the back of this I avoid unobtainable goals or ones that have uncontrollable variables. I would never set sleep as a toddler is the boss of that at times. I wont set a goal weight for the week because if I didn't hit it I'd feel a failure, its human to do so.

WhatI am trying to say is set goals that are totally in your control and most importantly manageable. Some great examples could be up fruit or veg intake by 1-2 portions a day; Or commit to 20 minutes activity 4 days of the week, so if you really can't make one or two day out of the week, you have a buffer. Small changes over time really do add up to awesome results. 

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