One for the parents

Having young kids and getting sexy A.F doesn't exactly make for an easy combination. All these insta-mum-models are great, but often the reality behind it is misleading. 

This is a shout out to all the parents who are busting ass to raise awesome young humans and also make steps to be a healthy fit role model for them ( I'm not just talking abs here)

This is what I would love to see more of in the world of being a fit-parent! Preparing fresh nutrient dense meals with your kids, teaching them the reasons to do so for their own future but most importantly teaching a healthy balance where no food is demonised or stupid shit like that.

Make food fun; homemade pizzas are a winner in my house with a vegetable face! 
Get the kids out, have fun in the park WITH them climb stuff, swing, run, jump, even kick a ball about. Kids love when you join in, their confidence grows and you get a solid workout without hauling ass to the gym, ESPECIALLY when so many don't enjoy it or just plod on a treadmill pointlessly. 

Don't feel because you have kids you can't exercise; dependant on age if you enjoy a little exercise get them to join in. Kids love being loons with it and it makes it enjoyable, and don't forget….they can become added resistance too! With this, if they see you enjoying it they will! It's better than T.V for them.

After years doing this I've come to realise a majority of people I work with still prefer it to be FUN, there's more than just lifting weights, so if kids can view it this way from a young age we would be a far healthier nation altogether.

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