If your dream or goal doesn’t scare butt mud out of you, I'm here to tell you it ain’t big enough.

We all set targets to achieve, be it fat loss, business or to learn to knit like a shreddies granny. But is your dream enough to cause turtle head issues?

I know it’s cliche to say get out your comfort zone but it’s summit you gotta do to achieve. I’m a serial comfort zone lurker but whenever I have stepped out and put on my big boy thong, ya know what’s happened…GREAT EPIC THINGS

Have I failed? Hell yes, but every time I fail it’s not failure, I just don’t do it again. At the moment I’m trying to wrestle business targets and hell it makes my balls want to disappear into my own body ever to return, but it doesn’t put me off because I WANT THE END RESULT.  When I wanted a new career I went and got it. Yes it was terrifying, it’s been a brutal path but I’ve achieved it; I’ve proved doubters wrong and it feels good.

The same as I do with my body goals, it’s a hard road and I’m stepping outta my little bubble to get shit done as that’s the only way it’ll work. So set yourself a goal and chase it down like its life or death, do something you’re afraid of. Don’t be a pussy.

Do it.

Ben ” still a thong man”

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