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If you're looking for "diets",  lectures or restrictive eating,  you're in the wrong place amigo....We don't do sad tupperware wilted salads and micro meals,  hell,  we love to eat..who doesn't?                      We do balance. We do Wine Wednesdays and eating out, Sunday lunch with the family, and coffee with friends. We do fitting with your lifestyle. We do adaptive, as one size does not fit all. We do "get out there" exercise, as well as "in the gym", We do support and guidance like no other; we do it MotionCoach style.

"Have been training with Ben for a year now. His knowledge is awesome and his commitment to  client goals in unbreakable! Even at times where my motivation has wavered, Ben always knows what to say and to do to get my head back in the zone."

"Ben has helped me not only to enjoy working out but also to have a much healthier relationship with food."

Ben has been my trainer for a while now and I love the fact that  not only does he change up the workouts to make it fun, if its hard, he is also sensible with my eating plan. I love food so rather than make my life miserable he makes sure my "diet" is something i can work with rather than be scared of."

Ben has been a massive help to me throughout my training and progression. He's always there when you need him, motivates you at the gym and is such a good laugh. He makes going to the gym fun rather than a chore! An all round awesome guy, thanks for everything Ben!"

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